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Free Educational Tutorial Package

Free Computer Training DVDs for K-12 Schools!

Our tutorials can help you drastically increase the retention in your school kids.  Watch as a qualified professional walks you through some of the most common programs on computers.

Includes tutorials on:

Power Point
Dreamweaver MX
Flash MX
Photoshop CS
Visual Basic
and Ebay

Over 50 hours of video tutorial training for you to learn at your own pace!

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I think you will agree that our video tutorials are a better way of learning these common programs for pc users. Pricing lessons on these topics will convince you what a bargain we are offering you as a valuable previous customer.

We have put up a few samples of our Excel tutorial on this blog

Your students will soak up this info like a sponge! You will not believe how easy to use these programs really are when they are broken down into the easy format we put it into for you. Imagine being the "tech savy" person in the office, family, group.

Just pop in one of these DVDs and start learning.

We have spent the last 2 years putting together this amazing tutorial package and have sold thousands of them online.  Every child needs to learn how to use computers to succeed in the future and with our DVDs you can help them do just that!

You can get 1 DVD absolutely free for classroom use in elementary and secondary schools. You only need to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling.

Order your Free Tutorial DVD now

I have tried many pograms but always became confused before I was able to learn them. They used too many technical terms and expected you to undersatand. Thank you!
Denise Schuler

You will love these video tutorials and I guarantee it. I have given out about 3 dozen copies to friends and family members and every single one of them have called me back astounded at how little they really knew about computers despite thinking they were well versed.

Order your Free Tutorial DVD now

Shawn Shellenbarger
Maximum Software Inc

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